The conference is aimed at updating geologists, geotechnologists and engineers on the recent development in geology, engineering geology, and other related fields within the Indochina region. The conference will provide a broad platform for participants to express new ideas, achievements and experiences through technical presentation and discussions. The pre-conference excursion will introduce you to a wonderful Khon Kaen Geopark with well-known dinosaur fossils sites and more. The post-conference excursion will give a comprehensive view of the geology, geotechnical engineering and mineral resources of the Indochina region. The conference experience would be valuable for technical and academic aspects as well as bridging the opportunities for future collaboration.


are now available updated on March 29th, 2022 

[the Final PDF version of 171 MB] . CLICK HERE!

GEOINDO 2022 Conference’s Schedule and Abstracts 
are now available


  • Geology and Mineral Resources
  • Geotechnical Engineering & Geomechanics
  • Petroleum & Energy Resources
  • Groundwater Resources
  • Geophysics & Environmental Geology
  • Tectonics and Structural Geology
  • Geohazards
  • Geopark and Geoheritage
  • Other Related Topics


*The schedule is subject to change as appropriate. 

Presenting and Publishing at the GEOINDO 2022 International Conference

For any questions regarding publishing and presenting your work, please contact our Editor-in-chief and Chair of the Technical Sub-Committee,
Assistant Professor Dr. Kritika (Kate) Trakoolngam
Email:, Office Phone: +6643009700 ext.44612, Mobile Phone: +66943027007, +66900313927

Call for Paper Page Guide


Full Article Template Guidelines (for APST publication)

ePoster Template

Cover Letter Template (for APST submission)

Guidelines for On-site Oral Presenters

Depositories (links for submissions)

*all submission are due by midnight on the specified date

Author Registration Form (and Abstract submission)

Manuscript Submission Form (for extended abstract and full article to be published in the proceedings)

ePoster Submission Form

Presentation File Submission Form (Please prepare your presentation file to share by yourself during your presentation, this Presentation file submission is for backup only)

Options for presentation and publication

Authors submitting their work to the GEOINDO 2022 international conference will have Presentation and Publication Options as follows:

  1. ePoster Presentation: Publish an abstract in the conference proceedings.
  2. Oral Presentation

General procedure for all submissions

Whichever presentation or publication option you choose, we require that the corresponding author of your work (also presenter at the conference) submit an abstract (using the GEOINDO 2022 Abstract Template we provide) and upload the abstract in the Author Registration Form , so that we can identify your corresponding author, categorize your work, and assign it to appropriate editors and presentation session/room. Our editorial Board shall only review your abstract to make certain that your work conforms with the subject field for our conference, then we will send you an acceptance letter. Please note that this is not the acceptance for publication in APST.

For documents (abstract, extended abstract, or full article), we require both Microsoft Word files (.doc or .docx) and Portable Document Files (.pdf). For the poster, we accept Microsoft PowerPoint Show files (.pps or .ppsx) only.

The corresponding author of each publication item is required to complete the Event Registration and pay the registration fee (unless waived) which is due by October 20, 2021. JANUARY 31, 2021 (updated)

Author Registration Form

When you submit the Author Registration Form, you will be asked to upload your abstract. In this form, you will have the opportunity to choose the publication option, presentation method (online or on-site), preference for entering the competition, etc. This form is required from ALL authors no matter the presentation/publication option you choose. After you submit this form, you will still be able to edit your information until the closing date (September 1, 2022).

Click here to view or submit the Author Registration Form


Any type of work is accepted (research, discussion, literature review, etc.). You are required to submit an abstract first. Please use the GEOINDO 2022 Manuscript Template to prepare your abstract. After we accept your abstract, you can submit a poster using the ePoster Template and provide an optional 3-minute audio recording of your narration. The ePoster will be displayed on our website. Visitors will be able to click on your work to view your ePoster and listen to your recording (if available). They will also be able to send (email) questions to you via an online platform during an ePoster presentation period. Furthermore, if you wish to participate in a Live Q&A Session, we will provide a time slot for you in the oral presentation session/room that is relevant to your topic. You can request to participate in a Live Q&A Session in the ePoster Submission Form.

The ePoster template is a PowerPoint file adjusted for display at A0-Size (1189 x 841 mm). If you prefer, you may record a 3-minute narration for your poster (use the function Slide Show> Record Slide Show). Please submit your file as a PowerPoint Show (.pps or .ppsx). To do this, choose File> Save as> Select file type [PowerPoint Show (*.pps or *.ppsx)].

Oral Presentation Option 1 - Abstract

The abstract is limited to 250 words. Please use the GEOINDO 2022 Manuscript Template we provide. If you choose to present your work with this option, after you submit the abstract, there would be nothing more required from you. Your next important activity would be to submit your PowerPoint presentation file.

Oral Presentation Option 2 - Extended abstract

The goal of an extended abstract is to provide complete information of your work in a very concise document that could be digested within 1 hour. The extended abstract is limited to no more than 3 pages (including references). Please use the GEOINDO 2022 Manuscript Template we provide.

Oral Presentation Option 3 - Full article

The full article for this option is published in the conference proceedings only, for the option to be selected for APST publication, please see Oral Presentation Option 4 – Selected full article. Any type of work is accepted (research, discussion, literature review, etc.). The full article is limited to no more than 15 pages (including references). Please use the GEOINDO 2022 Manuscript Template we provide.

Oral Presentation Option 4 - Selected full article in APST

Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology (APST) is a peer-reviewed journal, indexed in Scopus and ranked in Q3 (see journal website). The journal accepts original research and review articles. Selected articles from the conference proceedings will be published in the APST Special Issue No.3 (Jul-Sep). No additional publication fee is required. Therefore, we highly encourage you to select this publication option. However, strictly following the APST publication instructions is mandatory.

Please note that whether your manuscript is selected for APST publication or not, your abstract will be published in the proceedings.

Steps for APST manuscript submission and review (updated)

  1. In the Author Registration Form, you must indicate that you wish you have your paper selected for APST publication. If you are a student, you must provide your research advisor’s name and email address. The peer review process can be very intensive, therefore, it is best that your advisor be the corresponding author for the APST peer-review process. Note that the student can be the corresponding author for the conference (and presenter).
  2. The APST corresponding author will receive an invitation letter from the APST. The letter will give you instructions on how, where, and when to submit your manuscript as well as the peer-review procedure.
  3. By January 31, 2022, Please submit you APST-formatted manuscript to the GEOINDO 2022 technical committee for preliminary review by emailing to You will receive feedback from the GEOINDO 2022 technical committee by February 28, 2022 for revision (if any). We recommend using the APST Template Guidelines to prepare your manuscript. Your manuscript must be prepared strictly according to APST author instructions. Failure to follow the instructions, will result in the rejection of your manuscript without review.
  4.  By March 15, 2022, you must submit a cover letter and your revised manuscript to APST. We recommend using our Cover Letter Template to prepare your cover letter. Your manuscript must be prepared strictly according to APST author instructions. Failure to follow the instructions, will result in the rejection of your manuscript without review.
  5. After APST receives your manuscript, the manuscript will go through a double-blinded peer review process. Reviewers may ask you to make corrections or adjustments on your manuscript.
  6. By June 1, 2022, you will be notified of the results on publication acceptance. If your manuscript is selected, it will be published in the APST Special Issue No. 3 (Jul-Aug).

The GEOINDO 2022 conference proceedings will be available in digital format which will be open to online access on this website. The digital format will present the submitted work in diverse forms (Abstract, Extended abstract, or Full Article) as requested by the author. However, the hardcopy print will present only the abstracts.

Editorial of your manuscripts (for proceedings)

All items that are published in the proceedings will not be peer-reviewed. It will only be edited for typing mistakes, severe grammatical errors that affect comprehension of the work, and formatting. Our editorial board will be responsible for this task. After submitting your manuscript (abstract, extended abstract, or full article), you will be contacted by our editors only if we need clarification in case grammatical errors prevent us from understanding your work. If we make any corrections on your manuscript, we will contact you to approve the final manuscript. If you do not respond within the specified period of time, we will publish the manuscript using our corrected version.

    The corresponding author (Options 1-4) is expected to present their work in an oral presentation session. The presentation method is an ONLINE presentation (only) via Zoom. 

    Your presentation will be assigned to a specific session/room according to the subject field of your work. The schedule will be announced on our website and sent directly to your email. All oral presenters will be given a 20-minute session. We recommend that you use no more than 15 minutes to present your work and leave the remaining time for questions and answers.

    If you choose to conduct an oral presentation via Zoom, please make sure that you have a fair understanding of how to join an online meeting and share your screen (For more information on Zoom, please visit the developer’s website Prior to the conference date, we will email you the password, instructions, and links for joining the conference via Zoom.

    Items that enter the GEOINDO 2022 ePoster Competition or Oral Presentation Competition will be evaluated by a panel of judges. The judge panel will comprise of invited scholars and professionals whose names will be announced later on our website. Winners of the competitions will be awarded with a certificate. For more information on judging and evaluation criteria, please visit our Presentation Competition web page.

Date Activity
SEP WED 1, 2021  SEP WED 22, 2021Last day for submitting the Author Registration Form and abstracts.
SEP MON 20, 2021  SEP THU 30, 2021Receive an Acceptance Letter for GEOINDO presentation/publication.
OCT WED 20, 2021  NOV SAT 20, 2021
JAN MON 31, 2022
Last day for corresponding author/presenter to register and pay registration fee (unless waived).
NOV MON 1, 2021  NOV SAT 20, 2021
JAN MON 31, 2022
Last day for submitting ePoster, and manuscripts for Oral Presentation Option 2 – Extended abstract and Oral Presentation Option 3 – Full article

DEC MON 20, 2021 JAN MON 31, 2022

Last day to change presentation method (email request to us)
JAN MON 10, 2022 JAN MON 20, 2022Announcement of presentation schedule (on website and email)
JAN MON 31, 2022Last day for submitting full article manuscripts for Oral Presentation Option 4 – Selected full article in APST
FEB TUE 8, 2022On-site Oral presenters submit PowerPoint presentations
FEB FRI 11, 2022First day of conference
FEB SAT 12, 2022Second day of conference
JUN WED 1, 2022Announcement of selected articles for APST publication (on website and email)

Q: My work has more than 1 author, do all the co-authors need to register and pay registration fees?

A: No, we require only the presenter of that publication (which is also the corresponding author) to register and pay (if not waived). Other authors are required to register only if they plan to attend the conference (either on-site or online).

Q: Am I allowed to submit more than 1 item?

A: Of course, if you are an author or co-author of more than 1 item, you may submit all your work to our conference. However, you will have to submit the Author Registration Form once for each item. You will need to register for the event and pay only once (unless waived). Just make sure you are available to present your work if you choose to present your work orally.

GEOINDO 2022 Presentation Competition

Award recognition

    Winners of the Oral Presentation Competition and the ePoster Presentation Competition will be awarded with an honorary certificate from the GEOINDO Organizing Committee. The certificate will be awarded to winners at the conference if they are participating on-site, or it will be post mailed if they are participating online.


    The judge panel will comprise of diverse scholars and professionals, invited specifically to evaluate the presentations. Names of the judges will be announced later here on this web page.

Evaluation Criteria – Oral Presentation

    The evaluation of the oral presentation will take place in real time during the presentation (online and on-site). Scoring criteria for the Oral Presentation Competition will be posted here soon.

Evaluation Criteria – ePoster Presentation

    The evaluation of the ePoster will take place between the first day of the conference and the first half of the second day of the conference. Judges will view and evaluate the ePoster at their convenience. Scoring criteria for ePoster Presentation Competition will be posted here soon.


Conference  Registration CLICK HERE!

** Participants from developing country please contact for registration fee discounts.

Registration Fee

 ParticipantRegistration Fee
Oral Presentation / ePoster (online only)Thai Professional4,000 baht 
 Thai StudentFree
 Foreign Professional$400
 Foreign Student$200
Participant (online only)Thai Professional(online registration) 3,500/(on-arrival registration) 4,000 baht
 Thai StudentFree
 Foreign Professional(online registration) $350/ (on-arrival registration) $400
 Foreign Student$200
Pre-Conference Excursion
Thai Participantsfree (limited seats)

(Khon Kaen Geopark)

cancelled due to COVID-19 situation

Foreignersfree (limited seats)
Post-Conference Excursion
cancelled due to COVID-19 situation
Thai Participants15,000 baht
(Khemmarat – Ubon Ratchathani – Sam Phan Bok)Foreigners$500

Conference registration fee must be paid and submit your payment evidence (bank transfer receipt/slip) in a registration form by November 20, 2021.
Excursion registration and fee must be completed by December 31, 2021. cancelled due to COVID-19 situation

คลิก เพื่อดาวน์โหลดบันทึกข้อความสำหรับบุคลากรส่วนราชการเพื่อการเข้าร่วมการประชุมโดยไม่ถือเป็นวันลาและมีสิทธิ์เบิกค่าใช้จ่ายได้

Payment Options
Thai participant

please transfer the conference registration and excursion fees using online QR code payment as follows:

Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
Account Name: เงินรายได้ มข. (คณะเทคโนโลยี) 
Account Number: 551-3-02655-3

Foreign Participant
For all overseas participant, please transfer your registration fee via “WESTERN UNION 

Pay order to “Mrs.Nusara Surakotra
Address: 888/2 We-Property Village
Nuan-Hong Alley, Siharatdachochai Road,
Moo 22, Ban Ped Sub-district
Muang District, Khon Kaen Province, 40000

Submit your payment evidence in a Conference Registration Form CLICK HERE
If you are registered as a student presenter/participant, please attach your student ID via Conference Registration.


Pre-conference Excursion Route: Khon Kaen Geopark (1 day trip) 

Post-conference Excursion Route: Khemmarat-Ubon Ratchathani-Sam Phan Bok (3 days- 2 nights) cancelled due to COVID-19 situation

More information is coming soon!


Nudthawud Homtong – Organizing Secretary of GEOINDO 2020
Department of Geotechnology, Faculty of Technology,
Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, 40002 THAILAND
Tel: +669-4302-7007 Fax: +6643-343-182