For Current Students

Important Dates

Date or Date RangeActivityRemark
5-7 days before start of semester 1Annual meetingAnnual meeting for graduate students. A chance to meet new students, current students, and faculty members also get updates on important issues.
First week of final exams (Semester 1 and 2)Report study progressUse form provided below. For those registering for thesis credits, make sure you have your thesis advisor’s approval on the number of credits passed.
Second week of Summer Semester*Graduate Boot CampPrepare materials and get ready to write! This activity consists of lecture and workshop for academic writing (proposals, reports, articles, etc.).
*Please check announcement for exact dates.

Check the KKU academic calendar here.

Student Development Activities

Graduate Boot Camp

A lecture and workshop on academic writing for graduate students

This student development activity is held in 2564 for the first time. The activity is still ongoing and so far so good! It will be an activity held once a year during the 2nd week of the summer semester. Student will participate in a hands-on writing activity. At the end of the camp, students will leave with a completed piece of writing (either a section for a proposal, a chapter for the literature review, or an outline for a report)
See example of 2564 acivity schedule

Grads teaching the undergrads

During the entire period of study (either 2, 3, or 4 years), each graduate student is required to organize 2 short (20 minutes) coaching sessions for the undergraduate students. One session must be a technical lecture, the other must be a professional development class.
See concept sheet for a summary of this activity