offers only the bachelor program which focuses on industrial production processes, management of production processes, quality assurance in industry and design and management of industrial factories. During their studies, students go on field trips, do internships in the workplace and do cooperative education projects. In addition, they undergo training to gain specialized knowledge and experience.


Program of Production Technolog


Bachelor Degree:  The knowledge of Production Technology is derived from combinations of computer applications, engineering and management sciences aimed in manufacturing and service industries.

The Production Technology discipline provides analytical methodology along with practical tools in problems solving, cost reduction and productivity improvement.  The curriculum offers students the flexibility to enter internship program or cooperative education. The areas of study encompass fundamentals of engineering, technology and management, product and system design, marketing, quality control, quality assurance and application of computer in industry.

Research Aspects

  • Productivity Improvement
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Energy Technology, Cooling System, Alternative Energy
  • Value Analysis for Cost Management
  • Computer Application, Intelligent System, DSS, GIS


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